Toronto Women's Fashion Week

Toronto Women’s Fashion Week Debuts With An Eco Edge

It’s been a fast, fierce and fashionable start to March with TOM*and the debut of Toronto Women’s Fashion Week. In light of it also being Eco Fashion Week many designers featured ethical alternatives and more sustainable ways to improve our wardrobe–making conscious clothing fashionable.

Designers To Watch

As Toronto continues to make a name for itself in the fashion community, designers from all corners of this glorious country congregate to produce some truly innovative and daring work. Miriam Baker, Stephan Caras, Mikael D, Hendrixroe, Lesley Hampton, Peggy Sue and Evan Biddell  were only some of the fantastic artists to grace us with their work. If you are not acquainted, I strongly suggest you educate yourself on these Canadian designers. Each slayed the runways with their dazzling collections. Iridescent gowns to funky bomber jackets, a wild fusion of of 80’s glamour and haute-couture sophistication—that you can actually see yourself wearing.

The Vibe

The best part about Toronto Women’s Fashion Week is it doesn’t take itself too seriously. You get to see a lot of creativity and exploration of conscious couture. Not only in an ecological sense but in a social and ethical sense. Everything from the diversity of the models, to the materials sourced, were refreshingly unique to Toronto.

When you know more about the craftsmanship of your clothing and where it’s coming from, you can justify spending more money on it. Think about your own worth and what you would value your time at. What kind of materials would you want and what are you willing to compromise on? Once we start to think about it globally but act locally, we can actually start making a difference.

Evan Biddell illustrated just how far a little creativity and resourcefulness can go. You don’t need a lot of money to have great style. Here’s a video of how he created his collection, in partnership with Value Village for the 81 lbs challenge (the average amount of clothing each person throws out every year!)

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