Nique at Fashion Art Toronto

Creating A Feminized Future at Fashion Art Toronto

Every year, Fashion Art Toronto (FAT) gives rise to new talented designers and this year is no exception. Featuring a more high fashion lineup than usual, the runway offered veterans, as well as new talent.

This year’s concept, Fashion Evolution, looked at keys moments in history that caused major shifts in fashion. Social, political, economical and environmental circumstances that shaped fashion trends and how those topics will evolve fashion in the future.

FAT is a platform for pushing the binary of gender roles and the opening nights’ theme, Feminized Future, expressed the role of the feminine in fashion.

I was intrigued to capture the essence of what the runway offered. As you will see in the upcoming video, feminized fashion is about pushing boundaries for both male and female fashion.

Love the cut of this jumpsuit and floral straps by Odrea at Fashion Art Toronto. (left)

L’UOMO STRANO on the runway Day 1 of Fashion Art Toronto

Notable New Designers

Justine Latour

Justine Latour’s first collection, Au Natural, makes a statement with her futuristic geometric designs printed with photos of the female nude. While challenging the audience’s perception, she is bringing awareness to how our society censors the female form. Latour’s collection was inspired by her semester abroad in Amsterdam and how the female nude is normalized there, in contrast to North America. 


Nique by Allison Monique Morris, another new designer to FAT this year, wowed us with her regal women’s collection. The models, adorned in jewels and crowns, took the runway like royalty. Strength and grace were among the traits that I admired in her collection that spoke to female empowerment. After speaking with the designer, I admired her even more.

Watch R interviews with the designers below!

Photos and Video by Ruby Wray

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