pasta with mussels at Cano

Italian Inspired CANO Restaurant opens on St. Clair Avenue West

Corso Italia is no stranger to Italian restaurants. The newest addition to the Mediterranean food scene at 1108 St. Clair West is CANO and the flavour of this neighbourhood gem is definitely worth the trip north of Bloor Street.

At CANO we offer fresh + local Italian inspired Tapas, in a warm atmosphere.

Cocktail at CanoPhotos by Ruby Wray

Like most of the Italian restaurants on St Clair West, the interior is the first thing you notice. You are enveloped by the cozy, sexy vibe as soon as you walk in. Exposed brick walls are illuminated by Edison lightbulbs that offers guests a rustic yet, sophisticated dining experience. CANO is the type of place where you can come to eat or just enjoy a sublime cocktail. Bartender, Charlie Crespo, handcrafts every drink to celebrate the season. Currently, you can enjoy fusions of grapefruit, mint, elderflower, red jalapeño and passion fruit spiked with tequila, vodka or rum.

Our seasonal menu highlights Ontario’s diverse bounty, while staying true to authentic Mediterranean flavours.

It’s the perfect place for a first date, drink or Sunday brunch. The carefully crafted menu incorporates elements of Italian, Greek and Spanish cuisine in a way only Toronto can do.  CANO provides a variety of savoury delights sure to satiate the appetite of meat-eaters and vegetarians alike.

Cano Restaurant

If you like octopus, then you have to try the Polipo. A potato salad with a Portuguese twist, tangy grilled octopus and soft red skin potatoes. The contrasting textures and fresh ingredients deliver a savoury explosion of flavour with every bite.

The Gnudi al Pomodoro, is their take on gnocchi. It is made entirely out of ricotta and is like biting into cheesy marshmallows coated in a creamy tomato sauce or mushroom sauce.

Pescatore pizza at Cano

If you’re looking for pizza, go for the Pescatore. Seafood on pizza has never tasted so good. The amalgamation of flavours forces you to savour every bite. Garlic, butter and mozzarella wash over your taste buds like velvet. The pungent flavour emphasizes the delicious combination of calamari, tomato and arugula pesto.

R Blog editor, Ruby Wray, (left) with mixologist Charlie Crespo. Writer, Heather McNiece, (right) enjoying her meal at Cano.

So, if you’re looking for stellar food and exceptional customer service, CANO is definitely contender. Most importantly, it won’t make you go broke on date night.

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