Stranger Things Installation Nuit Blanche

4 Favourite Art Installations From Nuit Blanche 2017

Nuit Blanche, “White night,” took over another night to fill the city streets of Toronto with art. If you were brave enough to join the throngs of people across the city, you would know it was more of a physical challenge getting to see as much of the art as possible. For those of you that stayed home, (good choice), here are some of the highlights from Nuit Blanche 2017.

R Favourite Installations

Listen To The Chorus Nuit Blanche 2017Photos by Ruby Wray

#24 Listen To The Chorus

The public sphere is saturated and constantly abuzz with opinions on the state of women’s rights and their possible futures. Listen to the Chorus is an immersive video installation which explores the state of women’s rights and a collective desire for change. An experimental composition combining poetry and music, Listen to the Chorus was developed from a series of conversations about women’s experiences and hopes for the future. The piece seeks to amplify voices of those who identify as women and to present a chorus of resistance that implores the audience to listen.

Automobile Nuit Blanche 2017

#26 Automobiles

Meeting after hours, big bass cars are gathered an ignite engines and speakers simultaneously in an orchestrated effort. Enormous sub woofers in the trunk of the cars push air so hard it vibrates the soul and the body. The machine music makes people feel the music, feel it with dance.

Hendricks Gin Hot Air BalloonHendricks Gin Hot Air Balloon

Stranger Things Installation Nuit BlancheA good selfie opportunity in The Red Forest 

The Red Forest

Attendees had the opportunity to visit an interactive exhibit dubbed “The Red Forest” what included a recreation of the Upside Down from Stranger Things. Guests were invited to don a hazmat suit and venture through the installation and enjoy not only the Upside Down, but also the sticky syrup-n-secrets coated forest from Riverdale and a portal into the streaming service’s upcoming film Bright. Riverdale‘s a Netflix property in Canada, so there’s a reason behind the elbow rubbing with Stranger Things.

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