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5 Innovative Brands From Toronto Fashion Incubator To Look Forward To Spring

What I love about the Toronto Fashion Incubator is that year after year, the brands they support become more innovative and sustainable. The Spring/Summer 2018 collections were no different, with the return of a few of my favourites–Rocking Vibe and Kate Austin Designs. If you haven’t heard of these beauties, check out R post from last season here.

I’ve compiled a list of 5 Canadian brands that impressed me this season with their innovation, sustainability or ethical practices.

MarsquestPhoto by George Pimentel Photography


Not only do we love the sci-fi name, these polarized glasses have a futuristic feel for a reasonable price tag. The best part is their durability–these glasses are made to last. You can bend them any which way and they won’t break! Perfect for traveling and for the less fragile fashionista. Throw them in your purse and go!

marsquestR pick: Jet Black x Ruby, $50

Citrus Silver penny necklaceR pick: Long Penny Necklace in Sterling Silver $89.00-94.00

Citrus Silver

Find a penny, pick it up, wear it on a necklace for good luck? Well, we think so! There’s something nostalgic about the Canadian penny, maybe it’s our childhood memories of our piggy banks overflowing with them, but now they are a thing of the past. Hold your lucky penny close with the Canadiana collection by Citrus Silver. The best part? Each penny is dated and you can choose a year that’s significant to you!

MeliorPhoto by George Pimentel Photography


What does your ink blot purse say about your mental health? Well nothing apparently, but inkblot tests, also known as “Rorschach” tests were psychological tests developed in 1921 to determine your personality.

This upcoming designer and student of the Fashion Your Future (TFIFYF) accessory biz program is using her inkblot bags to raise awareness about mental health by partnering with CAMH.

Inside each Melior clutch or handbag you will find an inspirational message to brighten your day like, “You are beautiful” and “You are one of a kind.”

The Spring 2018 collection of clutches and evening bags titled, STIGMA, are designed as conversation pieces to reduce the stigma around mental health.

A percentage of the proceeds will go to benefiting research at the Center of Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) through the CAMH foundation.

Kate clutch by MeliorPhoto by Melior, R Pick: Kate Clutch, $276

Pranga & CoPhoto by, George Pimentel Photography, Pranga & Co Cufflinks

Pranga & Co

Where do butterflies go to die? Well the thing is, they just die and leave a beautiful looking corpse. Pranga & Co source butterfly wings through conservation and breeder programs in Colombia where butterflies have ended their life cycles naturally to preserve in their new Spring 2018 collection.

Pranga & co butterfly ankers

Butterfly conservation is one aspect of this brands intention, the other is making fabulously unique and interchangeable cufflinks. Pieces of butterfly wings make up this pair of ankers, the perfect conversation piece for any fashion forward man!

R pick: Shawl Dance ankers, $65 

Kaela Kay designer

Kaela Kay

Conscious clothing is the name of the game for this Toronto designer. With fabrics sourced primarily in Ghana, West Africa and manufactured here in Toronto–Kaela Kay supports ethical and fair wages. The bright colours and bold prints will make you feel like an African queen yourself!

Kaela Kay Mommy and Me

The best part? Some of the dresses are part of the Mommy and Me collection, so you can match your little one! How cute!

Kaela Kay Spring 2018 Collection at the TFI Buyers Brunch, photo by George Pimentel Photography.

R pick: Cedella Miniskirt and Bow Set from the Mommy + Me Fall 2017 Collection

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