Toronto Women's Fashion Week

Toronto Women’s Fashion Week Debuts With An Eco Edge

It’s been a fast, fierce and fashionable start to March with TOM*and the debut of Toronto Women’s Fashion Week. In light of it also being Eco Fashion Week many designers featured ethical alternatives and more sustainable ways to improve our wardrobe–making conscious clothing fashionable. Designers To Watch As Toronto continues to make a name for […]

Toronto TTC Map Jokes

10 Tips for Navigating Toronto and TTC

When I hang out with people who are not from Toronto, my eyes are opened to how difficult it is to navigate the city–for some people. Not everyone is good with directions; however it is important to have a basic understanding of where you are so you can get around without having to depend on […]

vote station

Election Aftermath: What do We Do Now?

Photo by, Ruby Wray Well, it seems our worst fears have come true so, what do we do?  Chances are, if you’re conscious of our world right now, you’re beside yourself wondering how to change things. Chances are you’re feeling helpless. Chances are, you’re feeling very defeated and your faith in humanity is basically gone. […]